About Us

The Bull Restaurant was founded by Charlie Danes, the current owner and chef, in 2007. Charlie has always had an idea to create a restaurant, which will be much more than just a place, where tasty dishes will be served at. He wanted to found a restaurant, where the local residents and the guests of the town, would have an opportunity to relax and spend great time with their loved ones in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere - like the one they have at home.

Charlie has traveled a lot before opening The Bull Restaurant. Having seen lots of European countries and explored versatile culinary traditions and trends, he felt that he was ready for a new start and that’s when he founded this awesome restaurant. He worked a lot to give this place popularity and he really succeeded at this. Today, The Bull Restaurant is not the same it used to be 10 years ago. The team of talented and experienced cooks and waiters controlled by the chef has gained many goals already, but much more is expecting for them in future.

Here, at The Bull Restaurant, each guest feels warm welcome and special servicing. This creates the homelike feel and contributes to great rest. The restaurant invites you to explore this wonderful cooking experience any time of the day!